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How Can You Maintain Orthodontic Separators
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How Can You Maintain Orthodontic Separators? (Natural Damages)

For someone whose teeth are crowded or misaligned, orthodontic procedures such as having braces work wonders. Although if you’re someone who has a knack for chewing gum or hard candy, you may want to stop it temporarily. Orthodontic separators can get damaged due to the way we eat our food. On the other hand, are you not sure about the procedures of getting your braces? Available Dental Care’s orthodontic services in Campbelltown can give you a hand on whether you need one right after a consultation.

can wisdom teeth cause ear pain
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Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Ear Pain? What Dentists Say

Do you know why our third set of upper and lower molars are called wisdom teeth? It is because of all the permanent teeth that we will have in our lifetime, these are the last to grow, and they erupt during the time that we are already in our late teens or young adulthood. This age is when we have had our fair share of experiences, or knowledge about life; hence, the nickname wisdom teeth. If you want to see if you already have your wisdom teeth or you have other dental concerns, feel free to book an appointment by clicking on this link. However, instead of becoming useful to us, wisdom teeth are commonly known to cause more problems than benefits. For instance, most people experience tenderness and discomfort while their third molars are erupting. Can wisdom teeth cause ear pain?