Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips For Patients
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Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips For Patients (First Week)

While growing, our wisdom teeth can replace our temporary tooth for strength in bite and speaking. Oral health and hygiene need every people to do it as a regular practice. However, there are some unexpected events such as accidents or injuries that can traumatize a person’s teeth. If your wisdom tooth falls off or bleeds unexpectedly, you need to go to a doctor for dental surgery. Afterwards, you may need to take some time off to continue the healing process. Check out our tips about wisdom teeth removal recovery tips at home on this page after reading this article. You will know why it is essential that during your wisdom teeth removal healing period, you should avoid stressful situations. 

Why Do You Need To Remove A Wisdom Tooth?

It is not a surprise what wisdom tooth can do once it switches on to “that” stage. You know, when you’re squirming in pain due to your wisdom tooth. But, the common question that patients ask is why wisdom tooth exhibits so much pain in the gums and mouth? A wisdom tooth is a permanent tooth that can become impacted while growing. Additionally, wisdom teeth can grow in tight spaces on both the upper and lower gums. While these two facts are one of the common reasons, most likely, your wisdom tooth has growing pains due to infection or tooth decay. You may need to remove your tooth as soon as you see bleeding or swelling symptoms that recur. Don’t wait for your toothache to become worse. Visit your dentist as soon as you feel this pain. 

What Treatments Should You Get For Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Aside from the apparent fact that tooth extraction is your immediate remedy, you will be surprised with related dental treatments for your mouth. Some people may have to do more than just wisdom tooth removal for their pain. After your dentist cleans your teeth or does the wisdom tooth extraction, you may have to get teeth restoration afterward. Since it is already a permanent tooth that was gone, you may have to resolve on dental implants, or single-tooth dentures to regain your smile. On the other hand, your dentist may have to check if you need a root canal, deep cleaning, or other dental surgeries. Moreover, it would be best if you had home remedies for wisdom teeth removal recovery tips to avoid complications.

What Are The Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips?

During the first week of your pain management, you should know a few wisdom teeth removal recovery tips to ease this situation. Your few days of recovery already tells the future status of your pulp, gums, and tooth roots. How should you manage your wisdom tooth recovery

Avoid Drinking or Smoking for 24 Hours or More

Your surgeon will have to limit your habits of smoking or drinking for at least 24 to 72 hours to prevent any blood clotting issues. Nicotine in the nerves and gums can make it sensitive, and irritation may worsen the inflammation. 

When Eating or DrinkingWisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips First Week

Don’t eat or drink food that is too cold or too hot. Always check if your food is soft and avoid chewing as much as possible. You should have soft foods diet with nutrients and vitamins that promote the strength of your gums and bones. 

Rinse Your Mouth With Antiseptic Mouthwash

Antiseptic mouthwash can rinse away bacteria or germ buildup on the wisdom tooth removed area. Your daily rinsing can avoid dry socket problems that could definitely give you a headache not just due to its side-effects. Avoid extra dental expenses by maintaining your recovery well.

Elevate Your Head

You may have to add pillows on your head to prevent your teeth from additional pain. Additionally, you have to put support on your head to prevent bleeding internally. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your family member or friend to assist you. 

Don’t Spit, Chew, Or Suck 

Lastly, dentists suggest that patients should avoid chewing, spitting, or sucking straws. It can dislodge the blood clots and slow down the healing process of the gums.

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