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Different Types of Healing Crystals: Finding The Right One For You

Healing crystals might seem like the most recent craze in the world of wellness. In fact, there are specific healing stones for some health issues, such as dental pain. But of course, you need to talk to your dentist first regarding this. Though many people claim that crystals have mystical healing abilities, it is still important to diagnose the leading cause of your pain symptoms. This article will discuss the different types of healing crystals and how they can help you.


Various Types of Crystals

There are many types of crystals that contain healing properties. Now, let’s see the ten popular gemstones that promote healing and positive energy.


Clear Quartz

Many people believe that this quartz crystal is a master healer. It amplifies healing energy by absorbing, accumulating, releasing, and managing it. It also helps a person’s concentration and different types of healing crystalsmemory.

In addition, smoky quartz is known to stimulate the immune system and balance out your whole body. This healing stone is frequently combined with others, such as rose quartz, to help and improve their capacities.


Black Tourmaline

This stone, also known as Schorl, is a type of silicate crystal. You can commonly see this in most trigonal crystal systems. In any case, many people claim that black tourmaline can promote physical healing.


Rose Quartz

Similarly, as the shading might recommend, this pink stone is about unconditional love. Many believe that this stone helps reestablish trust and harmony in various forms of relationships while enhancing close connections. Also, it is said to help give comfort and calm during periods of grief. In addition, rose quartz can help encourage love, trust, respect, and worth within one’s self.



This crystal is known as the supreme nurturer. Users of this stone said that jasper can empower the spirit and support you through times of hardship and stress. Also, they said that this stone can protect you from and absorb bad vibes while advancing quick thinking, courage, and confidence. These are attributes that are extra useful while handling significant issues.



This is one of the best crystals to treat dental problems. You can check on this website about the other approaches to deal with this kind of issue. In addition, citrine can bring wonder, joy, and enthusiasm to all aspects of your life. As the users said, this helps them release negative qualities from their life, such as pain and fear, and in turn, help promote optimism, motivation, warmth, and clarity. Additionally, people said that this stone can improve mindful qualities, such as concentration and creativity.



According to some people, turquoise can help heal the mind, body, and soul. Generally, people use this stone as a good luck charm to balance your emotions while discovering your spiritual groundings. It is claimed to profit the skeletal, respiratory, and immune systems.


Tiger’s Eye

Suppose you need a motivation or power boost. Then this golden stone might be ideal for you. Many people said that this gem can help you get rid of your anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. This can be advantageous for career goals or even matters of the heart. Moreover, the tiger’s eye is claimed to guide you to harmony and balance that will help you make clear, conscious choices.



People claim that this purple stone can give protection, healing, and purification. Also, they said it can help rid the negative thoughts and bring forth sincerity, humility, and spiritual wisdom.

Sleep is another guaranteed advantage of this stone, from supposedly helping in insomnia relief to getting dreams. Additionally, it helps boost hormone production, cleanse the blood, and soothe pain and stress.



These fantastic healing crystals can surely live up to their name. Users claim that bloodstone, as the name implies, can help cleanse the blood by drawing off awful environmental energies and enhancing blood circulation. Its healing powers can attract creativity, selflessness, and idealism while letting you live within the current moment. In addition, they said that it can help you get rid of negative feelings like aggression, irritability, and impatience.



Sapphire is one of wisdom and royalty. It can attract prosperity, peace, and happiness while revealing the mind to acknowledge intuition and beauty. For physical health, people claim that this stone can help heal eye problems, blood disorders, and cellular levels while also calming and reducing anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


How to Choose Your Crystal/ Healing Stones

First, you need to identify what you feel you are missing before searching for what stones can give you. This will assist you with demonstrating what is happening inside yourself before relying upon outside sources.two healing crystals

Most people choose various types of healing crystals and use them as part of their jewelry pieces. In fact, some even order a custom mouthguard embellished with some precious gemstones. In any case, whether a crystal gets your attention or you can feel a physical draw toward one. Your inner mind will help direct you to the gem that is appropriate for you. When it’s selected, you can make the association you need.


Tips To Take Care of Your Crystal

When you bring your crystal home, you will want to purge away any pessimism it might have gotten. You can wash it in a clean water source or hold it under cold running water to cleanse your crystal. In any case, be sure that the water is cool, not hot or warm.

Furthermore, you can add a small amount of sea salt to really help it wash away any unwanted energy. You can likewise leave it out to dry in morning daylight or full moonlight to allow the light to filter through.

Caring for your crystal is not just about their physical appearance. For precious stones to do something amazing, you intellectually need to eliminate the negative energy or skepticism about their abilities. Additionally, you must respect what they can do for you.



Though there is no scientific evidence for precious stones, that has not stopped people from trying them. An open mind is a crucial key to obtain the positive qualities of these beautiful stones. Whether you want specific healing powers or general good energy, there is nothing wrong with giving crystals an honest try.



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