tooth extraction healing stages
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Tooth Extraction Healing Stages

There are many reasons why tooth extraction is done. But the main reason why tooth extraction is done is to remove the wisdom teeth from people who don’t have space in their mouth for the teeth and to avoid pain and shifting. Other reasons for tooth extraction maybe tooth decay, injuries to the teeth or at times some periodontal diseases. After having teeth extraction, many people ask how long it takes for the surgery to completely heal. Here’s a shared information from HTTP:// regarding tooth extraction healing stages that will keep you guided.

First 24 Hours
During your first day after the teeth are extracted, there are things that take place. To begin with, some blood clots start to form as the sutures that are found in the mouth aids the tissues in healing. As the healing progresses, you will experience minimal pain and bleeding on the first day but there will be some pain relievers for the pain.

The doctor will advise you not to do any heavy activity during this first 24-hour healing stage. This is because the activities can cause a lot of teeth bleeding. You are advised to take some rest during this stage.

At this healing stage, you may also experience some swelling. But it can be treated by placing some ice packs on the skin. It is advised if at this stage pain and bleeding persist, you visit your dentist to examine the cause of the problem. tooth extraction healing stages

Two to fourteen days
By day two, the socket that is empty will have healed. Bleeding in this stage should not be present while swelling will only be minimal. After day seven to day ten, your dissolving stitches will have disappeared while the non-dissolving stitches are to be removed at this time frame.

By day fourteen, the socket is healed. The tissues at this time will be tender and it’s advised that you don’t brush the tissues hard and also avoiding chewing in the extracted area.

Week three to four
In these weeks, healing should be complete. However, you may experience some tenderness in the extracted area which fades with time. At this stage, you shouldn’t feel any pain or even experience any bleeding.

The precaution measure that you should take at this stage is to avoid food particles entering the empty socket. Ensure you brush and floss carefully to remove any particles in the socket.

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