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Does Tea Tree Oil For Toothache Work? (6 Home Remedy Tips)

Tea tree oil is one of the popular essential oils used by many households and families today. The advent of reviving natural remedies for pain relief started many people’s curiosity for seeking an alternative from clinical procedures. Additionally, if you are in an emergency situation, home remedies such as tea tree oil for toothache can be handy. However, many doctors still suggest that a patient must go to a professional and trained dentistry practitioner. If you are still experiencing continuous dental disease symptoms, it is best to visit an emergency doctor of dental medicine right away. Discover here for other ways to take care of bad gums and teeth naturally. 


Why Are Toothaches Painful?

The reasons for having continuous pain in the tooth is due to bacteria buildup. The nerves in our gums signal the attack of bacteria. Hence, the natural response of the body is to produce pain to alert us to look for dental treatment. Cavities may start to attack the enamel and dentin, which composes the surface of a tooth. If patients continue to neglect their pain, it may result in further complications in their health. It is best to look for effective mouth care by checking out online information for symptoms of oral problems. You may save your tooth from infections and dental abscess.  


Symptoms of Tooth Problems

Are you looking for pain relief on your tooth problems? It may be best to start by locating the source of your toothache. Furthermore, symptoms of tooth problems can be an excellent way to indicate the right dental procedure. You may even look for ingredients with properties that can be an excellent anti-inflammation treatment. 


Discolored Teeth (Yellow Or Brown)

Tea Tree Oil For ToothacheA simple sign of having dental problems is how your pearly white teeth become yellow due to enamel damage. Moreover, if your tooth becomes brown, it may be a sign to enhance your dental hygiene routine. 


Severe Toothache

Sometimes, a toothache can become critical as the bacteria goes deep down the root pulp or gums. Children may experience severe toothache due to constant sugary sweets without brushing properly. 


Constant Bleeding

Aside from your severe toothache, bacteria can also attack soft tissues which may cause bleeding. Your tooth may also experience slight movement that may cause severe inflammation and redness.  


Gum Swelling

Along with the severe toothache and bleeding that most people experience, gums can swell due to cavities. Severe forms of periodontal disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis may also affect other parts of your body such as your jaws, neck, and even your nasal cavities. 


Tooth Loss

Your teeth may have permanent side effects of the previously mentioned symptoms. Tooth loss only happens when a person doesn’t give appropriate treatment for their severe toothache, bleeding and swelling gums. 


Painful Neck And Jaw

Any severe dental disease can spread to other parts of the body. Particularly, those suffering from severe gum problems can experience pain in their neck and jaw. People with a temporomandibular joint disease (TMJD) complain about severe toothache due to accidents or injury. 


Benefits Of Using Tea Tree Oil For Toothache

This exemplary tree oil solution has many benefits. Melaleuca alternifolia, a tree that comes from Australia, has many properties to fight germs and bacteria. Some people even use this tree extract to fight pimples and acne. Ranging from antibacterial or antiseptic, this tree extract is found in almost any product. Toothpaste, mouthwash, cleansers, even skin cleansers and acne products have tea tree oil. 


Is Tea Tree Oil Safe To Use?

Natural ingredients such as tea tree oil or other essential oils can be a huge benefit for families avoiding toxic substances. On the contrary, scientific researchers say that tea tree oil is poisonous when ingested. So, you must be careful when applying tea tree oil on your toothache problems. Be sure to use cotton swabs or cotton balls and use tea tree oils for drops instead of applying it directly. Moreover, you can use other remedies to fight the bacteria. Above all, it is best to stick with the standard procedure. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with a mouthwash remove stains and bacteria in the mouth.


What Are Other Home Remedy Tips For Dental Pain?

Clove Oil

Did you know? Clove oil has eugenol, which is a natural anesthetic and antibacterial solution for everyday work. Clove is easily accessible in many pharmacies and health food stores. You can mix a few drops of this clove oil to a cotton ball and press it towards the tooth. Be careful not to eat or drink  


Saline Solution

You may look for a rinse such as a saline solution for your recurring toothache. Add a few drops of salt on the warm water. Gargle the rinse for 30 seconds and spit it out. 


Cold Compress

Despite other reviews online regarding hot compress, it is better to use a cold compress to relieve an inflamed tooth. Hot compress may worsen the inflammation and can cause swelling of gums. 


Tea Bag

You can soak a tea bag on warm water to become a compress should you not have any compress at home. Make sure not to apply the tea bag directly when the water is still piping hot. Also, tea can stain the tooth, so be careful not to overdo this method. 


Baking Soda And Apple Cider Vinegar

Mixing baking soda on your toothpaste while brushing can neutralize the acidity of the mouth. Bacteria live in areas full of sugar, acidity, and poor hygiene. Adding apple cider vinegar with baking soda can be an excellent antiseptic to thoroughly remove dirt and bacteria on the surface of the tooth. 


Essential Oils

Tea Tree Oil For Toothache 6 Home Remedy Tips

Besides tea tree oil, you can try other essential oil techniques for your aching mouth. Peppermint, lavender, ginger, and other oils are useful as a way to take care of a tooth infection. If you are unsure about these remedies, you may check with your doctor for sound advice on your severe oral health issue. 


Pain Relief From A Doctor’s Perspective

Eventually, if a toothache is recurring and becomes severe, patients must visit a dentist clinic for consultation. The appointment will consist of the initial diagnosis for the toothache and will recommend the proceeding steps. If tea tree oil for pain isn’t enough for a home remedy, the doctor may suggest having a surgical procedure such as a tooth extraction. Hence, it is important for patients not to neglect the importance of good dental hygiene.  Choosing the right mouthwash can also help in this condtion, check out this review of best mouthwash brands if you want to see the pros and cons of each mouthwash brand.

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