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Sleep Healing: How To Restore Your Body And Mind’s Energy

Many of us experience sleep deprivation once we start being in charge of our lives. This is one of the most common problems of adults these days. If you are hoping to get that good night’s sleep you used to have when you were a little kid, then you’ve come to the right place. We are going to share tips for sleep healing and discuss the best ways for you to rest well and get help for better sleep.


Cause And Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Before we proceed to the techniques used for a night of better sleep, let us first determine why a person could not sleep well.

  • Poor sleep hygiene
  • man cant sleepSleep disorders
  • Incomplete sleeping hours
  • Distractions from the environment
  • Addiction to mobile or gadget use

Additionally, sleep deprivation also poses health risks and complication that might affect your overall well being.


Without deep sleep, the body ability to process glucose deteriorates which put them at risk of type 2 diabetes.

Healing abilities

Human bodies are capable of healing themselves. However, lack of sleep could affect your capability to heal wounds quickly. Studies show that people who get enough sleep can heal their wounds faster than those who are sleep deprived.

Brain functions

Ideally, our brains need time off for them to function properly. Sleep deprivation hinders the brain to be more alert and attentive which often results in poor performance.

Growth restriction

Remember when your parents told you that you will not grow if you don’t sleep early? Well, that is quite true. Not getting enough sleep restricts an individual to grow physically as it suppresses the growth hormones.

Memory and attention issues

Sleep enables us to be more active and energized after waking up. However, if the sleep is inadequate, we end up feeling sleepy and lazy, which are both huge contributors to failure. Weak memory and inattentiveness are the common effects when a person is sleep-deprived.


Signs And Symptoms

So how will you know if your loved one is in need of sleep healing?

First, they show signs of mood and behavioural changes. They become more irritable and moody. You will notice them feeling anxious and depressed frequently as well.

The second sign is when they are having a hard time concentrating. Even though they are doing the things that they are most passionate about, they tend to be a little out of the zone.

Disoriented organization skills will take place which might be followed by hallucinations and paranoia.


Sleep Healing For Better Life Quality

smiling womanLet us go down to the main point of why you are here. You want to go on a deep sleep but does not know exactly how. For a great sleep experience, you may opt to follow these techniques and routine:

Lie down before 11 pm

Our bodies are designed to rest during night time. This means that the darker the hours get, the more you need to prepare to go to bed. In order to get a night of good sleep, you need to follow the natural circadian rhythm of your body. Not doing so will disrupt your sleep and affect the hormones in your body. Being asleep at around 11 pm will also ensure that you are sleeping soundly between 2 am and 4 am, this is the best period for your body to regenerate.

Put away your gadgets

In the old days, kids are sleep deprived due to playing video games for hours. Sadly, as technology develops through the years, even adults are sleep deprived due to mobile use. Moreover, studies show that these devices, including Wifi signals, appliances, and even electrical outlets are some of the culprits responsible for sleep disorders and the decline of melatonin.

Calm your mind and body

It seems easy but some people find it hard to stay relaxed and calm before sleep. This is often due to the habits they do before going to bed. Drinking coffee and energy drinks will keep you up at night and might affect the quality of sleep that you get. Avoid these drinks and sugary foods during night time. On a side note, taking a warm bath and drinking tea before bedtime can help you fall asleep immediately.

Avoid eating before sleep schedule

Never go to bed with a full stomach. This could result in bad sleep and even cause nightmares. While we are asleep, our digestive system takes a rest as well, which mean that the food you ate before sleeping stay indigested until you wake up.

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