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Skin Graft Surgery: How it is Done

Are you suffering from some kind of skin infection or deep burns? If yes, you can fix the problem by opting for skin graft surgery. It’s a procedure that includes removal of skin from one area of the body and transplanting or moving it to another body area. There are basically two types of skin grafting – full-thickness grafts and split-thickness grafts. These are safe cosmetic surgery procedures which are usually done when a part of the body has lost the protective covering of the skin due to illness, injury, or burns.

The process of skin grafting    

A qualified surgeon will perform the operation. He’ll remove the skin from the donor area. If you’re undergoing a split-thickness graft, the surgeon will remove the skin from the area of your body that’s mostly hidden by clothes such as the outside of your thighs or hip. In case you’re undergoing a full-thickness graft, the donor areas could be groin, abdomen, and forearm.

skin graft surgeryAfter removing the skin from the donor area, the surgeon will place it carefully in the transplant area. He’ll then secure it using surgical stitches, dressing, or staples. If the procedure in question is split-thickness graft, it might have meshed. In order to stretch the skin, the doctor may punch various holes in the graft. This will ensure that less skin is harvested from the donor site.

Additionally, stretching of the skin allows draining of fluid from under the graft. If the fluid isn’t drained, it will get collected, causing the graft to fail. Over a period of time, the skin graft could take the appearance of a fishnet due to meshing. After the procedure is complete, the surgeon will cover the donor area with a dressing to cover the wound.

An accidental injury or prolong ailment can give an unsightly look to your skin. The situation could be even worse if the skin is visible. However, it’s easy to get rid of the issue by opting for skin graft surgery. Just be sure you turn to an experienced and proficient surgeon to make the most out of the surgery.

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