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Looking For Relief From Toothache? Here Are Tested And Effective Options You Should Consider

Experts are not wrong in promoting the importance of oral health. Indeed, with tooth pain radiating even outside the affected area, it could easily disrupt normal activities. Tooth pains may even cause other symptoms such as headache and swelling. And when this happens, you only want to resolve it already. However, from temporary discomfort to days of swelling, a toothache could last more than you can expect —nor bear. With disturbing misery and increased sensitivity, you will be willing to go down and under only to appease the pain. Hence, from oils to reflexology pressure points, you are ready to consider anything. But, among this myriad of selections, which ones are effective? What’s the best relief from toothache?


Toothache Is Not The Culprit

The teeth may have the same elements as the bones, but this does not guarantee its immunity. With the foods, things, and habits you do with your mouth, your teeth could receive tremendous strain and pressure than you think. Indeed, a permanent tooth does not remain so when you fail to care for it. Even flawless oral hygiene practices are not relevant when you adapt it too late. This dental problem often arises when there are problems with your gums or teeth. And although it could beat the patience out of you, pain is merely an innocent consequence of different reasons. Some of the most common cause of toothaches are:


Dental Caries

Pain is present in the area where dental caries prospers. In this case, the bacteria that usually reside in the mouth start on attacking the dental enamel. These microorganisms continue to increase in number and spread in the affected area by releasing acids that will hasten enamel breakdown and erosion.


Inflamed or abscessed tooth

With the bacteria gaining entry in the deeper portion of the tooth, this could cause pus formation. This mixture of bacteria and proteins will increase the pressure on the area and press on nerves. An abscessed tooth is also associated with radiating pain in the neck and ear.


Fractured or broken teeth

Too much grinding or forceful trauma could wear the enamel down. Fractures or breakages will provide an excellent portal for bacteria to gain access and reside inside the tooth.


Infected gums

The buildup of the bacteria in the tooth surface will also lead to infected gums or gingivitis. When the gum and tooth meet, they form a small opening. And with the gums swelling and puffing, breaking entry into the tooth becomes easier for the bacteria. Thus, affecting both the gums and tooth at the same time.


Damaged dental treatments

Fillings, root canal therapy, and tooth extractions are the usual services patients get. The procedure will require drilling and scrapping that could cause damage to the surface. And with such rupture in the area, bacterial entry is possible. Also, inefficient sealing could create gaps and unsteady dental filling.


Some other reasons include referred pain and habits like chewing gum or grinding teeth. Although these are less common, they are well capable of causing dental problems.


Effective Solutions To Toothache

Among the 3.5 billion people who have the oral disease worldwide, tooth decay is the most common cause. Hence, tooth pain could be something all people share. More so, decays become more and more common to children. Thus, knowing one or two pain relieving tricks come handy. And if you are looking for one, here are some options you should consider:

The Convenient And Accessible Ways

  • Ice Pack

With a colder temperature, vessels in the affected area constrict. It will disrupt the flow of chemical signals in the brain. As you know, the brain translates pain from these signals present in the affected area. When an ice pack is nowhere in sight, you could also make a cold compress out of frozen vegetables or cold eggs.


  • Saltwater Rinse

Mixing half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water will create a safe solution for rinsing. Sometimes a toothache roots from stuck food debris. And salt water rinse will easily dislodge these food particles. You could also opt for mouthwash to have an additional numbing effect on the area.


  • Pressure Points

Reflexology believes that areas in the body connect at pressure points. And massaging one place could affect the other. Massaging the area outside the nose and eyes will provide relaxation and relief from tooth pain. Acupressure will release endorphins that counter the pain signals in the brain.


The Natural Remedies

  • Peppermint Tea Bag

peppermint tea bag as relief from toothacheOne of the best home remedies for pain relief is through peppermint tea bags. Teabags naturally contain tannins. This type of biomolecule reduces swelling and aids blood clot formation. Thus, applying a peppermint tea bag will limit pain signals in the area. Compared to other types, peppermint tea has a high menthol content that is a pain reliever on its own. For synergistic results, allow a peppermint tea bag to cool in a refrigerator before using.


  • Garlic

Crushing garlic will release oils from the inside. These oils and other components are efficient in killing bacteria while providing pain relief.


  • Clove Oil

With components like eugenol in clove oil, you could have natural antiseptic for inflammation. Clove oil has been a long existent remedy for tooth pain. Its capacity to reduce swelling and numb pain are among the reasons why.


  • Vanilla Extract

Among the home remedies, another useful option is vanilla extract. It contains menthol, like peppermint, that could numb the pain. Also, with its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, vanilla could reduce infection in the affected area.


The Fast Relief Option

Over The Counter Drugs

When pain becomes unbearable, and no home remedies seem to work anymore, medical drugs are always safe options. Anti-inflammatory medications or analgesics will provide immediate effects and extended relief from pain. By decreasing sensitivity to pain in the brain, painkillers sure are fast workers when addressing toothaches.


The Best Relief From Toothache

how tooth pain happensEven when you prepare countless remedies for tooth pain, there could only be one solution to your oral problem —dentist. After all, pain is only part of the problem. It would be best if you tackle what initiated this response and resolve it from the root. Indeed, even with the antimicrobial property and numbing effects of these natural preparations, it could no longer regrow the destroyed enamel. Professional intervention and treatments like dental filling and extraction are the only solutions to your weakening tooth.

Besides, not treating your dental problems will increase the chance of spreading the infection. Indeed, you wouldn’t want to apply ice packs or vanilla extracts for the rest of your life. And who knows, with timely dental appointments, you could even save your pearly whites and prevent getting toothless early.


In Summary

Although home remedies for tooth pain lessen the pain for a limited time, they ease toothaches nonetheless. Besides, when tooth pain knocks during the wee hours, finding a dentist to attend your needs could be challenging. These accessible and immediate relievers will stand efficient until the sun rises. However, even if garlic or clove oils neutralised the pain, it is still crucial to have a professional check your situation.

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