tooth extraction healing process
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Tooth extraction is required to remove a severely damaged tooth from your mouth. This can be done especially in the case of decay which in turn damages the entire tooth structure. Remember the wisdom teeth in teenagers is also very common since this has to be done to give the permanent teeth a room for growth otherwise this may cause teeth misarrangement. Visit this site to read more on wisdom or other tooth extraction methods.

Types of teeth extraction methods  tooth extraction healing process

There are two main types of dental extraction. Surgical teeth extraction and simple teeth extraction.In surgical tooth extraction teeth that are not readily available or inaccessible to surgery, possibly because they have broken under the gum line. During a surgical tooth extraction, the dentist raises the soft tissues that cover bones and teeth. The surrounding bone tissue is also removed using the dentist drill. This is a more complicated technique and requires only qualified dentists to conduct such surgery since it may prolong the tooth extraction healing process is done poorly.  On the other hand, simple tooth extraction is usually performed on easily accessible and visible teeth, which require only tools that lift the visible part of the tooth, often performed under local anesthesia. Note the tooth has to undergo tooth extraction healing process whichever the technique is used.

Tooth extraction healing process

A successful tooth extraction will leave a dental clot on the hole where the tooth was. In case this formed precipitate is pushed out it results in a dry opening a condition called alveolar bone inflammation. It happens after complete removal of the lower molars hence less blood circulates in the socket left than the corresponding mandible. Other factors that can lead to this are such as the volume of tooth extraction, prolonged time is taken to completely extract the tooth and the enlargement of the socket left.  It is treated with a surgical wrapper that is replaced every three days until the clotting tissue covers the bone at the tooth extraction site. The dental dressing usually contains essential oil obtained from cloves, which soothes the dryness of the opening.

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