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Pressure Points For Tooth Pain Relief

How would you feel if you are given the news that tooth pain relief has an alternative way other than the common home remedies? It’s new, right? Well, the good news is that pressure points for tooth relief are available and recently seen everywhere. You may have heard of masseuse soothing the hands and bodies of a person to ease stress. But what about those who relieve tension in the facial muscles and even the bones themselves? Acupuncture and Acupressure are great alternatives to give you a better and more relaxing feeling. Be advised, this type of procedure is not officially medically prescribed so it is better to get your emergency medical needs from a dental clinic or hospital. Seek more information about this traditional Chinese medicine from an Acupuncture or Acupressure professional.

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternative form of therapy or treatment for people who are experiencing pain from their body, no matter which part it is. The concept of reflexology dates back to Asian practice, especially the Chinese way of relieving the body naturally. With this practice, it is believed that pressure points found in the foot are connected with the different median points of the body. If there is pressure applied to a certain area of the foot, it will help ease the stress and the continues flow of Qi throughout the system. There are foot chart guides to be followed by a Reflexologist. Certain pressure points for tooth pain relief can help reduce the pain felt by a person.

Knowing the Pressure Points for Tooth Pain

People are often looking for cheaper and more efficient ways of taking care of themselves. It is great to know that alternative medicine is here to stay. You will surely find out that applying the treatment on pressure points for tooth pain is a great relief. Sadly, Pregnant women are off-limits to this type of treatment due to possible risks and complications. Check with your dentist for any type of severe tooth pain symptoms such as massive swelling, recurring bleeding, or broken and cracked teeth.

ST 44

For ST 44, it is usually called Neiting by Chinese-trained acupuncturists and translated to the name of Inner Courtyard. This pressure point reduces stomach fire or heat. To be precise it is seen at the skin margin of the second and third toes of the foot. It relieves certain issues on facial pain such as Bell’s palsy, sore throat, and even digestive problems.

SJ 2pressure points for tooth pain alternative dental medicine

Its Chinese Name is San Jiao Meridian 2 or Yemen or is translated as Fluid Gate. The pressure point is found between the skin of the 4th and 5th fingers. There is relaxation for applied pressure on these pressure points for tooth pain relief. It also helps eliminate headaches, eye pain, and even sore throat.

SI 18

Lastly, Quanliao or the Cheek Bone Crevice is also known as Small Intestine 18. TMJ disorders are usually linked with this pressure point. It is ideal to apply the pressure stimulation as it is known to be beneficial for TMJ disorders, paralysis, and jaw problems. It is found on the lower edge of the cheekbones and near the lower edge of your nose.

Preventing Toothaches

Home remedies are great alternatives to improve one’s health. These are popular for people who want to take less prescribed drugs from over-the-counter pharmacies and stores. However, a person will be able to lessen these tooth problems once they follow their regular daily brushing and oral hygiene routines.

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