pregnant after ivf
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Pregnant After IVF

In vitro fertilization is a treatment of infertility in which fertilization of an egg is carried out with a sperm in a laboratory and then the fertilized product is implanted back into the mother’s uterus (womb) where further development takes place. It’s used for the treatment of infertility, i.e. blockage of fallopian tubes or ovulation disorders in female and abnormal sperm count or diminished motility of sperms in males, so IVF is a miraculous technique for infertile couples. If you are interested in IVF treatment, visit IVF Sydney clinic.

The first week of pregnancy after IVF is mostly the same as regular pregnancy but later periods are different. They differ in medication, care, symptoms and risk factors. The second trimester is associated with increased tests. Afp blood test and anatomical scanning test are carried out during this period. The third and final trimester is associated with mental depression and hypertension which is a usual case in IVF pregnant women.

pregnant after ivfThe medication of IVF pregnancy is somewhat different from normal pregnancy as the normal menstrual cycle has to be stopped via these medications in IVF pregnancy. Pregnancy after IVF is a bit complicated also. The reason for this complication is not related to a fault in the IVF procedure, but it’s due to the severity in infertility. Anxiety and over stress are the most common symptoms of IVF pregnancy. Nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and cramps are also observed in women who are pregnant after IVF pregnancy.

IVF pregnancy is not considered a high risk until a woman is suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. Eating healthy, maintenance of the body, supplementation of vitamins and nutrients and avoidance of unnecessary stress are basic means to lower the risk of miscarriage. Chances of ectopic pregnancy (implantation other than the uterus) and multiple pregnancies are also increased two folds in IVF pregnant women. However, this technique if the only hope for all those infertile couples who long for children.

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