How Can You Maintain Orthodontic Separators
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How Can You Maintain Orthodontic Separators? (Natural Damages)

Taking care of our dental health seems bliss since there are many options now. Some people may have crooked, misaligned teeth. Others can get tooth loss or even damaged gums. For someone whose teeth are crowded or misaligned, orthodontic procedures such as having braces work wonders. Although if you’re someone who has a knack for chewing gum or hard candy, you may want to stop it temporarily. Orthodontic separators can get damaged due to the way we eat our food. On the other hand, are you not sure about the procedures of getting your braces? Available Dental Care’s orthodontic services in Campbelltown can give you a hand on whether you need one right after a consultation. Your teeth may need to get straightened so that you’ll avoid swelling and possibly extreme toothaches in the future.

What Are Orthodontic Separators?

Having braces for the first time can be a bit uncomfortable since it will take years to get them out. Except, you have to get your teeth accustomed to braces first. For this reason, you may get orthodontic separators first so that your orthodontist can insert the pair properly. These separators are mainly elastic bands made out of rubber or sometimes metal. You may expect to feel painful sensations as these bands literally separate your teeth to make way for the braces. The first appointment for the dental appliance may take one week before your braces schedule as well. During this time, it is essential to take care of your separators for your teeth to adjust correctly. 

What Damages Orthodontic Separators?

Right after your first braces consultation, you may have to get your orthodontic separators right away. Your dentist will give you some instructions that you have to take note of. In case you’re not able to detail some of the questions you’ve had in mind regarding damages, we got you covered. Damages on your separators can cause massive problems, especially when it comes to the types of food you eat. 

Sticky or Chewy Foods

Sticky and chewy foods are a big no-no during your orthodontic treatment. Candies, gummies, and caramel treats can remove your separators accidentally. You may have to enjoy a soft food diet for the whole week. It is also important to chew slowly and cut down food to avoid having swelling problems. 

Picking The SeparatorsOrthodontic Separators Natural Damages

It can be understandable that the first few days of dental treatment can be stressful and painful. If you need to get your pain relief right away, you can buy them over-the-counter. 

Accidents or Injuries

Unexpected cases such as accidents or injuries can also damage your orthodontic separators too. You may have to go to your dentist right away when you had a traumatic experience while having the spacers. Mainly, those wearing metal separators can get their mouth severely injured. 

How Should You Maintain Them?

Maintaining your separators is easy, and it won’t last long since you will just wait for a week to finish the process. However, it is also easy to forget how to take care of them too. These dental appliances are tiny and some dental routines can be quite tricky to do. Nevertheless, the first thing you have to take note of is how to brush and floss your teeth. When brushing, it is essential always to be careful not to brush hard as your separators may fall. Dentists also recommend not to floss in between teeth and gums where the spacer is placed. Moreover, it would help if you didn’t worry about your floss falling out naturally. Check out the difference of the area where your separator was comparing it to the others that still have spacers. 

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