nasal bone fracture
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What to Know About Nasal Bone Fracture

Nasal bone fracture is commonly known as the broken nose, which occurs when the bone of the nose get fractured. The symptoms generally include swelling, bruising, bleeding as well as the inability to breadth freely through the nose opening. The nasal fracture is at times complicated by different problems such as septal hematoma or facial fractures which may lead to further damages.

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Treatment and Causes of Nasal fractures

nasal bone fractureThe most common sources of nasal fracture include trauma during sporting activities, assault. The diagnosis of the problem is usually based on its sign and symptoms, which can be identified through the plain X-ray. The problem can be treated through the use of painkillers and a cold compresses. The smaller nasal fractures can be given time to heal naturally as long as there is no big cosmetic deformity. The many cases, ice, and painkillers are the commonly prescribed medication to heal the problem. In cases where the nasal structure has been badly deformed, the doctors will go for manual alignment, on the other hand, serious nasal injuries usually call for surgical solutions.

Prognosis of nasal fractures

The stability of the bone usually happens between 3-4 weeks. A good number of medical practitioners advises the patients not to wear any glasses and refrain from blowing their noses, as this may negatively impact the bone alignment. Full bone bonding happens between 4-8 weeks. The patients are allowed to take part in any activity after one to two weeks, on the other hand, they are advised to stay away from any contact sports for the next two to three months as it can cause further damage or interfere with the healing problem. In order to avoid nasal bone fractures, People are advised to stay away from violent situations or any physical compact which may cause injuries to the head.

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