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Mastectomy Scars Treatment

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the female population. Luckily with the advancements of technology and raised awareness, more and more cancer is being treated today. In most cases, it is discovered in time. But in some cases, the discovery happens later. The only solution in those cases is a surgery that removes a portion of the breast that has been infected with cancer. After this traumatic surgery, a woman is left with one or many mastectomy scars.

Due to the different approaches a surgeon may take, the shape and size of the scar can vary. No matter what shape it ends up being, taking the best care for your wound is essential. Here is some advice that will help you get rid of scars from surgery or treat your mastectomy scars.

mastectomy scarsIf you decide to keep your scars covered, you could benefit by having a soft medical tape cover the area. This will reduce the chances of the tissue being irritated by our clothing. Change the tape every five days. Be sure to wash it gently and carrying.

When you wash to be sure to use warm water, keeping the tape on, this will reduce the chances of infections. Gently tap your tape with a towel after the shower.

To help with the healing process be sure to use essential oils, such as castor or bio-oil. Put some oil on a bandage and very softly tap your scar until you cover it whole with the oil.  Wear airily comfortable clothing. The scar can be very sensitive at first. This will help you to deal with possible scratchiness. Avoid any type of clothing that puts pressure on your scar tissue.

Be aware that your scar can induce complications on your body, such as seroma or keloid scarring.

Contact your doctor if you notice swelling or any other skin changes around your scar area.

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