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The importance of the dental hygienist role

When we talk about dental hygienists, we almost always have the bad misconception that they are just dental assistants. Not that we are also degrading the importance of dental assistants, but they are certainly different from dental hygienists. Let us discuss some of the many functions of a dental hygienist role, and if you still have questions, visit for more info.

The roles of a dental hygienist

Preventative dental practices. We often get the services of a dental hygienist when we need to have our oral prophylaxis or teeth cleaning. This is mainly because dental hygienists are focused on maintaining our dental health. They aim to prevent dental problems through clinical intervention and education.

Dental screenings. Before reporting to your dentist, a dental hygienist may perform a basic dental exam that covers the general state of your dental health. Based on these findings, he may opt to do a more comprehensive exam or report his assessment to your dentist. This ensures the continuity of care and the coordination of the dental team in caring for your smile.

Making dental impressions. Are you a candidate for an orthodontic procedure? Dental hygienists take your x-rays and interpret them for your dentist to use. Need to have dentures or other missing tooth replacement procedure? You dental hygienist can help you use the impression kit so you can properly make the impression of your entire oral cavity.

dental hygienist roleCounseling and education. As mentioned earlier, the dental hygienist role as the first line of defense when it comes to preventing dental problems is through education and treatments. It is our trusted dental hygienists who teach us and our kids ways to preserve our teeth. Most pediatric patients feel scared or worried that the dentist will perform procedures that would cause pain, so it is the dental hygienist’s job to maintain a calm atmosphere in the clinic by explaining and teaching the patients about their dental condition and assure them that the procedures are going to be performed by a professional so there is nothing to be worried about. He can also give patients tips and helpful advice in maintaining good oral habits.

Isn’t it awesome that there are so many dental professionals who are readily available and willing to help care for your radiant smile? Let us not neglect the high importance they give to us and reciprocate it with respect and gratitude that they are doing their jobs the best they can, so we can maintain our beautiful smiles for more years to come.

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