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Hypnosis: The Healing Effect And How It Works.

Hypnosis is a state of becoming aware of the kind of person you are. This therapy is used to change addictions or a behavior that want to get rid of. When in this state your consciousness is altered such that you have the power to change your emotional state. You can make yourself feel happy or sad, heavy or light. In this state the mind become accessible, you experience a change in perception, thought, behavior or sensation. Healing hypnosis is also used medically to manage pain phobias or negative psychological effect. In this case, the individual is hypnotized and instructed to thing or imagine pleasant experiences he/she has had so as to get a relaxed and calm feeling. Healing hypnosis is sometimes used with other treatment such as cure of warts, control of reactions to allergies, curing diabetics and asthma amongst others.


pendulumHypnosis is totally different from being asleep. It is a trance-like state but not a sleeping state because the individual is aware of what is going on and can’t be forced to act against his/her own wishes. In this state, the individual been hypnotized is made to focus attention on a particular image and with an open mind works with the instructions posed by the trained guide or psychologist. It can be likened to the absorption you get when you are fully engrossed in a novel or movie. During the period of healing hypnosis, you absorb the suggestions of the trained guide as if they were real. If the trained guide suggests that you are in the atmosphere trying to catch a plan, you feel the sensation that you are flying. The trained guide can suggest also that you are in a heavy rain walking toward a mall; you will feel the sensation of water on your skin. Though at these stages, you know they are not real but you still play along like they are real.


Healing hypnosis result to a speedy recovery from any type of trauma Psychologists and physicians have adopted the use of hypnosis as a healing therapy. Some syndrome has proven difficult to be treated such as Irritable bowel syndrome, warts and so on. These sicknesses are better treated by hypnotizing the patient. In some cases, hypnosis can be used to cure infection that occurs after burn. To prevent infections, nurses tends to carry our debridement on the affected part while the patient is given pain relieve drugs like morphine. But a session of hypnosis with a psychologist can make the pain short lived and bearable.

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