how long does a sprained ankle take to heal
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How long does a sprained ankle take to heal?

With the ankle as the main joint and support of the leg, it’s prone to injuries that may get various causes. When the ankle is injured, it becomes difficult to coordinate the lower leg and the foot which in most cases may cause limping or use of crutches. Depending on the nature of the injury that has been experienced, it’s difficult to answer the question of how long does a sprained ankle take to heal?

Some of the common causes of ankle injuries include:  

  • Awkward planting of foot
  • Use of uneven ground
  • Excess force on the joint

You may not know when you are likely to experience any of the above-listed causes of ankle injuries hence the need to remain careful always. They are most common with the athletes or kids who run out frequently on uneven grounds.

Healing time and process of a sprained ankle

A sprained ankle can be extremely painful to carry the body hence making it impossible to move and carry out your daily activities. Such pain can be managed through medication and frequent massage that will ease the healing process. The duration required to recover from sprained ankle completely also depends on the severity of the injury that you have experienced.

how long does a sprained ankle take to healSome of the minor injuries in the ankle may not necessarily require medication but can be managed through rest and elevation. Controlling the pressure applied on the ankle makes it comfortable and can heal within a short time even without visiting a doctor. A period of between two to six weeks under monitoring and massage of the sprained ankle can eliminate the pain.

When the sprained ankle involves more than one ligament, the recovery process may take a long time depending on how it’s managed. Such cases may lead to the use of crutches to enable the sprained ankle to get back to its normal position and support the body perfectly and may also need the attention of a specialist. It can take up to a period of three months while still managing the sprained ankle to recover completely.

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