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How Long Does A Loose Tooth Take To Heal? When To See A Dentist

How long does a loose tooth take to heal? Many people, especially adults, are worried when a tooth comes loose. Can a loose tooth heal itself? This article will talk about loose teeth and what to do about them. If you ever have a loose tooth, you can visit CP Dental’s located in Emerald, QLD. They have a skilled dental team that will know what to do in those kinds of dental emergencies. 

Loose teeth in adults

Children get loose teeth at a certain age. Their baby teeth start falling out to make room for their permanent teeth. In adults, however, it is a different story. A person can be understandably alarmed when they have a loose tooth in adulthood. Whether you believe it or not, loose teeth in adults are not uncommon. Many adults get into fights, into accidents or in other situations that result in their teeth coming loose. However, if you have a loose tooth, dentists may still be able to prevent the tooth from falling out.

A dentist can help

If you notice your tooth wobbling and being easily displaced by your tongue when it should not be, it is essential to see a dentist right away. Dentists can treat loose teeth by applying a splint to thow long does a loose tooth take to healhe tooth’s surface. This splint will be bonded to the adjacent teeth as well, to provide stability for the wobbling tooth. If the tooth is kept stable for a few weeks, the periodontic ligaments will be able to reattach and bond together, healing the tooth and making it stable again. While the tooth is undergoing this treatment, the dentist will prescribe a mouthguard to protect the tooth during sleep, especially if the patient suffers from tooth grinding.

How long does a loose tooth take to heal? The dentist will usually ask the patient to come back after a few weeks to monitor if the tooth has indeed healed. It will often take this amount of time for the tooth to be able to bond back to the underlying bone and ligaments again.

What you should never do

One thing you should never do to your loose tooth is to try and wiggle it. Some people do this to see how loose the tooth is. Sometimes, the tooth may fall out because of this. Although dentists may still be able to reattach the tooth, it will need a lot more work rather than if the tooth were only loose. Keep in mind that tooth reattachment is not always possible. You have to be able to see a dentist within 30 minutes of the tooth falling out. After the first 30 minutes, the dentist may not be able to make the tooth reattach to the underlying bone.

Do you have a loose tooth?

If you have a loose tooth, seeing a dentist about it is the most logical first step you can take. The dentist will know what to do to stabilize your tooth and make it stay put in your mouth — seeing a dentist will increase the chances of saving the tooth. The tooth will usually heal itself and be as good as new after a few weeks after you visit your dentist.


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