how long do breast implants last
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How long do breast implants last

Esthetic surgery is important for many who are dissatisfied with their looks. WIth the importance of social media, the number of those unhappy with the way their body or some part of it specifically look is sure to increase. One of the esthetic surgeries performed most often on women is breast augmentation. But that surgery isn’t a one-time thing. The implants that the women get do not last a lifetime. You might ask yourself how long do breast implants last?

There isn’t a conclusive answer to that question. The standard answer to that question is 10 years. But there hasn’t been a study that shows that that really is the case. Some women have boasted that their implants laster even as long as twenty years. So the real answer to the question is another question, what are the factors?

The amount of time an implant stays inside a woman’s body isn’t necessarily his real life span. A lot of women decide that the first operation didn’t do for them what they envisioned it would do. So they opt for another try. There are those who just want another change. A certain size was what they wanted at moment A, but now, moment B has arrived and they want something different.

Implants aren’t indestructible. The biggest risk they can pose to womens health is their rupture. how long do breast implants lastThis can lead to many serious health issues combined with breast asymmetry and the differences in size. Even if they don’t tear or rupture with time they will lose some of their volumes. Some have theorized that the year’s amount of volume loss is around 3%.

When we take all that into consideration, breast implants should last 10 to 15 years total. The good news is that the price of breast implantation surgery keeps lowering from year to year. The average cost in the USA today is around 6,000 $.

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