five elements of acupuncture
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Five elements of acupuncture

The practice of acupuncture has its origins in China. The tradition of the five elements of acupuncture is based on the observation of several patterns in nature and interpretation of their flow of energy. Those five elements are the following: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Ideally, all of these elements should be in perfect balance. If not, the acupuncturist needs to make an effective treatment plan. Here’s a closer look at that special practice and the meaning of those five elements.

To start with, every single element is associated with a specific time of the year. Water refers to the winter period, wood to the spring, fire to the summer season, the earth is associated with late summer and metal is the basic element of autumn. The elements and the seasons prove that there’s actually no beginning or ending to the flow of energy that exists inside of us, but there are constant transformation and change during the year.

acupunctureA practitioner of this type of acupuncture will look for any signs that lead to a particular element. That’s the first step towards proper treatment. The way we move around, the sound of our voice, the color of our face and even the quality of our skin tell the practitioner everything he needs to know in order to discover our inner imbalances.

When the practitioner discovers the element that’s out of balance, he will then proceed towards making a healing plan. Five elements of acupuncture are highly associated with nature and its changes. Any seasonal changes or even small changes in temperature, humidity or the climate, in general, can result in major alterations to our spirit, mind, and body.

Five elements of acupuncture have a history in traditional Chinese medicine and have been practiced for over two thousand years. It’s a trustworthy method of diagnosis and provides a personalized treatment plan to patients suffering from an imbalance in their flow energy circle.

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