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What Can You Expect During The First Dental Visit?

A dental visit is essential to maintain good oral health. If it happens to be your first dental visit, check the modern treatments of Infinity Dental Care and enjoy your first experience with a good dental service provider.


How essential is the first visit?

Based on research studies, the first dental visit can be earlier than what we normally think. In general, they recommend seeing the dentist by the age of one or within six months after the first tooth comes out.

Doing a dental visit at this early age helps detect dental issues immediately and prevent it from worsening. Parents tend to treasure the arrival of baby teeth as one of the special moments for their babies. However, at the moment of their celebration, it also requires them to start taking responsibility for the oral health of their kids as early as possible.

As a result, the dentist can provide a proper oral care routine for the babies. They can even practice it for a lifetime. It would be best to teach the kids to care for their oral health as early as possible.

It is the best opportunity to check possible decays, child’s bite, or other potential problems. These potential problems might lead to severe issues with the gums, jaw or oral tissues.


What can you expect during the initial visit to the dentist?

little boy's dental visit with granny and grandpaDuring the first visit, it usually lasts only for a short period of time. It often represents a “meet and greet” moment between the dentist and the child. This way, the kids will not be terrified of seeing a dentist.

Dentists have different approaches when it comes to checking the kids for the first time. Some dentists let a parent hold the kid as the check is done. Other dentists might let the parents wait outside.

Meanwhile, the dentist is more on the informative side during this time. They educate the parents on how to guide their kids properly.  Since the teeth of the kids are not the same as the adults, they provide options suited to kids for dental care.

The dentist might also discuss the right pacifier to use, and the needed nutrition to keep the baby in good oral health condition. Moreover, the dentist will do demonstrations about the proper techniques of brushing. In this case, the parents can assist their kids accordingly. They will have enough knowledge on how to do oral care for their kids.

During this visit, it is more on a question, and answer portion since some parents become overwhelmed in the first place. Usually, dentists wanted to make appointments with kids every six months to build trust and connection.


What is the difference between a pediatric dentist and a regular dentist?

Pediatric dentists took an additional two years of training in their field. This training covers approaches on how to manage and treat a child’s teeth. They also study a child’s behaviour, their growth and development, as well as the special needs of focused on children’s dentistry.

Even so, both the pediatric and the regular dentist are capable of addressing your child’s oral care. Only that, the complete set up of the pediatric dentist and their staffs are merely inclined to children. This includes the ambience of the dental clinic. They do this to ensure that kids will feel at ease inside the clinic as well as the dentist and staffs.

Pediatric dentists know exactly what to do in the case that kids show difficult behaviours during the dental session.


Tooth fairy’s final words

Generally speaking, it is good to maintain good oral health as early as possible. The kids will learn the importance of doing dental care while they are young. As a result, kids would love to do brushing and have their regular visit with their dentist.

Obviously, you will be able to prevent any dental health problems to occur. In the long run, the kids will have a good set of healthy teeth and maintain them until they grow older. However, you, as parents, should closely work on this with your child and your dentist to make it possible.

As early as can be, let the kids visit their tooth fairy. In the end, your kids will always smile brightly.

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