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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: How Does It Work For Patients?

What do you mean by enhanced recovery after surgery? Aside from that, what does it involve? We all know that healing time for surgeries varies depending on the procedure that the patient has undergone. Some surgical methods may take time, while others only need a few days to recover. In general, we all want to have a quick recovery. In that case, let us discover how enhanced recovery after surgery takes place.


Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS)

quick recovery is possible through enhanced recovery programsEnhanced recovery after surgery is a kind of evidence-based approach wherein it helps patients achieve early recovery. These are health care programs wherein they allow patients to recover quicker than the usual expected healing time.

In actuality, this medical approach does not cover recovering from surgery only. It also involves ensuring that the patient is in excellent health condition before receiving the treatment. Additionally, they also ensure that the patient will receive the best possible care during their surgical operation.

Generally speaking, we can all imagine how stressful it can be when you are about to have an operation. It can stress you out both physically and emotionally as the patient. It goes the same way for the other family members as well.

On the other hand, with the help of enhanced recovery after surgery programs, it can help bring the patient back to an excellent health condition as soon as possible.


What’s inside an enhanced recovery after surgery approach?

If you are a patient who will undergo surgery, you may ask the medical facility if they have enhanced recovery after surgery programs applicable to you. However, you should not entirely depend on others to achieve early recovery.

In the first place, you should take care of your health and be active in it. This way, you can also ensure that you are well-prepared to undergo surgery. Besides that, having sufficient preparation lessens your stress about the upcoming procedure.

Furthermore, keeping yourself in healthier condition allows you to recover more quickly as well. Meanwhile, here are a few of the essential activities you should ensure before the surgical operation.

  • Make sure that you eat well. Consume foods and beverages that will keep your health at its excellent peak.
  • Secondly, do regular exercises. Being active will help your body recover more quickly after your operation.
  • Next, do your best to feel relaxed and not worry about the operation. You may consider yoga or meditation to keep your mind free from stress.
  • For the most part, quit or cut down smoking and too much alcohol intake. Doing this will speed up your recovery. Besides that, it can reduce your risk of developing complications after the surgical operation.

By doing these, you can ensure that you are ready enough to proceed with the surgery. Your general physician will keep you posted about the things you should observe. In effect, it will bring you into the best fit you can be before and after the surgery.


Benefits of ERAS

An enhanced recovery approach has several benefits to offer to a surgery patient. We have listed a few of them below.

  • First and foremost, you can be sure that enhanced recovery programs are safe and effective. Aside from that, it is closely relative to traditional health care.
  • Secondly, with the help of enhanced recovery approaches, there is a decrease in morbidity or mortality.
  • Additionally, it optimizes postoperative pain management or postoperative analgesia.
  • Moreover,  these programs also help in the accelerated return of the organs or prevent their decline.
  • Besides that, it can also help with the optimal recovery of the musculoskeletal system.
  • ERAS pathways can also improve the patient’s quality of life even after undergoing major surgery.
  • ERAS also helps patients reduce their daytime sleep after the surgery.
  • Furthermore, it reduces the sense of fatigue.helping a patient stay active after surgery
  • For the most part, it guarantees immediate patient’s resumption to their usual activities.

Overall, your condition will also depend on the operation you undergo. However, through ERAS, you can go back home earlier than expected. It is your way of saying no to longer days inside the health care facility.

Wouldn’t you try undergoing this program after knowing all these benefits it can offer you? Everyone wants to have a faster recovery after all these stressful things related to the surgery. In this case, ERAS  is the best solution to achieve that.



Being diagnosed with an illness that requires surgery can be frustrating. However, it would be best if you accepted the fact that you need it. The best thing you can do is help yourself prepare for it in advance.

Keep yourself as healthy as possible. Moreover, free your mind from overthinking about the surgery. You should also help yourself to get over it. No one else will do more than you are. On the other hand, it would be best not to undergo any surgery at all.

For this to happen, keep your health in excellent condition at all times.

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