dental implants healing time
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Dental implants healing time

So, you lost a tooth. As sad as the news would be, you have nowhere else to go but to consider missing tooth replacement procedures. And once you have touched on dental implants, you think this is the right way to go. But you wonder, how long is the dental implants healing time expected to last? And is there a guarantee that the dentist is going to observe my recovery for that long? At DDII the team monitors the patient’s recovery after they offer a tooth implant surgery to ensure that everything goes as expected.


Dental implant surgery

Before knowing how the dental implants healing time happens, let us take you on a journey of knowing what happens during the dental implant surgery.


Initial consultation

If you already have a schedule with your dentist about when your surgery will be, it means that you have a.) you already have your damaged tooth extracted, and b.) you have passed the initial consultation successfully. This is where your dentist examines your dental health and would try to recommend all the restorative dental procedures that he can offer you to replace your missing tooth. If your oral cavity would allow it, the best solution that he can give is dental implant surgery. Depending on the number of teeth you would need to be replaced, he can provide you with single dental implants or the all-on-4 dental implants that can replace all your teeth using 4 implants holding the whole teeth replacement appliance. The latter procedure entails additional extraction of the remaining teeth that may get in the way of the procedure.

For patients who do not have the best bone density or gum height, the dentist may recommend undergoing bone graft first to make sure that the jawbone can hold the implant in place. After a few months, only when the grafted bone is completely fused with the jaw can the implant surgery happen.


Implant placement

dental implant placementThis is where the dentist will surgically attach the titanium posts into your jaw so they will act as the implant or artificial tooth roots for your false teeth or crowns. After the surgery, you must wait until the gums and bones are healed and fused to the implants before the next procedure.


Abutment placement

An abutment is a connector that fuses the implant to the crown. Some types of implants are fully embedded into the gums so the dentist has to incise the gums openly in order to screw the abutment in place. however, there are long implants that have their ends exposed on top of the gums and are just covered with a cap, so when the jaw is healed, the dentist can simply attach the abutment in place without incision.


Crown attachment

Once the abutment is in place, the crown that is custom-made to mimic the missing tooth’s size, shape, and the color is attached.


Dental implants healing time

Your dental implants healing time should be accounted for from the first tooth extraction or bone graft to prepare your dental cavity for the implant surgery up until the time that you can fully use the implants with ease. Expect that the whole procedure would take months to finish, and it will depend on your own body’s healing capacity, the number of implants that you need, and the condition of your oral cavity. However, once your implants are in place, you can allow at least 2 weeks to get used to having the implants, then you can go back to your normal routine.



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