Dangers on Dental Implants Healing Abutments Reuse
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Dangers on Dental Implants Healing Abutments Reuse

.A teeth fix is a beautiful procedure for patients to really benefit in a bigger and wider smile. After surgery, a person needs the right amount of recovery. The dentist also needs to educate the patient on how to maintain their own dental implants. Dental implants healing abutments reuse defeat the purpose of the dental work since it may cause further bacteria build-up in the tooth destroying the purpose of the dental implants itself.  Disposal of the single-use abutments is recommended to avoid any infection in the patient. No Gaps’ clinic located in Hornsby, NSW says that dental implants need proper doctor’s consultation to avoid complications in the future.

What are Dental Implants Abutments?

During your dental implant surgery, the second part of making your implant permanent involves a dental material called dental abutments. It looks like a cap that links the implant and integrated into the jawbone. It is on top of the implant after the surgical procedure. In this way, it makes it more aesthetic for the gums to show. The dental implants healing abutments are hypoallergenic and its sizes differ according to the goals and desires of the dentist for the patient. It may take 3-6 months depending on the results of the first stage of the surgery. The abutment is permanent and requires extra healing or recovery afterward.

Reasons For A Single-Use Dental Abutment

When it comes to the safety of a product, there are dental organization and health department standards that dental offices need to follow. Dental professionals in this field recommend a one-time dental abutment for the dental implant as it may degrade through time and other elements. The materials attached to it like the thread may decompose making the dental implant clunky or even defective. Check with your dentist regarding one-time dental abutments before your next surgery.

Debris clogs the abutment

When chewing down food and drinking, it is inevitable for any type of debris getting inside the dental work. Flossing and gargling may not be enough to get the debris out of the product. In this way, it makes it more defined for a patient not to proceed in reusing this material anymore. Given if ever there are some adjustments with the dental implants.

Reuse may degrade the product’s performancePrecautions on Dental Implants Healing Abutments Usage

Cleaning a one-time use product is not a wise step for any dentist to practice. The process of sterilization in metal products such as titanium-based dental implants healing abutments degrades the material due to corrosion caused by autoclave steam. In this way, dental abutments are not usable anymore and if they are reused, they won’t be as effective.

May cause bacteria to stick

Lastly, dental abutments are prone to have more bacteria stick to it due to the unclean and used state. If a patient proceeds in looking for a cheaper way to get the dental work done, then he or she may also expose himself or herself with the impending problems of the degraded dental abutment.

After The Surgery

As a patient, you need to secure the right and proper way of treating your dental problem such as your misaligned or crooked teeth. Recovery after the surgical procedure is crucial in avoiding dental abscess or swelling. If you see any symptoms of blood, pain, or jaw problem, contact your dentist right away to solve the issue. A quick diagnosis from the dental practitioner will help your recovery along the way.

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