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11 Best Healing Crystals For Pain and Inflammation

Have you tried crystals for pain and inflammation? Pain comes in various shapes and forms. It can be associated with dental pain, joint pain, eye pain, or anything from minor physical discomfort to intense emotional battle. Living with pain and inflammation, especially in your mouth, can limit your joy and make you feel like you are pulling a weighty burden through life. A trusted dental provider, like My Local Dentists’ clinic located in Burwood, NSW, can provide treatment and address the underlying issues related to your pain. In addition, some people use healing crystals to help them better handle their pain condition. They claimed that these stones help the body balance to reduce discomfort and improve its healing ability. Keep reading to know the different healing crystals you can use to ease pain symptoms and bring your body into an active arrangement.


Best Crystal Healing Stones for Pain Relief

The benefits of having healthy teeth and body can make your life free from future health issues. However, it is inevitable for people to experience pain in their life. Luckily, there are different ways to manage pain-related symptoms. Let us take a look at these healing crystals for pain relief.



Amethyst helps various pain-related symptoms. In fact, it is one of the best crystals for general pain relief. It helps reduce stress, headache, migraine pain, as well as arthritis pain. Also, this stone crystals for pain and inflammationsupports the health of the heart, skin, and stomach, so any agonies in those areas would probably benefit from Amethyst. Additionally, it cleanses the aura and eliminates negative energy that can lead to pain.


Black Tourmaline

This healing stone is like a sponge that sucks negative energy away from the body. Black tourmaline is also one of the best healing crystals for pain relief because of its grounding energies. It adjusts the chakras and reestablishes physical healing. This stone is also helpful in addressing emotional pain, muscle pain, and arthritis pain, and it works to improve the immune system.



This crystal for pain relief helps the body reduce all sources of chronic pain. To begin with, it functions to calm the body and mind, diminishing pressure in the shoulder, neck, and back while settling the nerves. In short, howlite helps relax muscle tension and improve blood circulation.


Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz is a stone that increases the body’s energy system to defeat the underlying causes of pain. This is also one of the best healing crystals for pain relief, promoting the health of the heart, lungs, throat, eyes, and endocrine system. In addition, the stone aims to optimize immune function, promote positive energy, and reduce stress, anxiety, and fear.



Hematite is another stone for general pain relief. It diminishes pain identified with blood flow issues and toxic overload since it has solid detoxification properties. In addition, it helps improve physical problems associated with the mind-body connection by absorbing negative emotions and replacing them with strength and vitality.



Bloodstone can help strengthen the body’s capacity to heal itself. In fact, it helps reduce pain during childbirth and pain in PMS or menopause. The stone acts as a blood cleanser that purifies and stimulates the circulatory system. It also boosts immune function, detoxifies the organs, and realigns the lower chakras with the heart chakra.



Chrysocolla is the ideal healing stone for arthritis and muscle pain. This purifying stone helps increase the oxygen supply in the circulatory, which profits all of the organs in the body. It separates energy blockages in the body that lead to torment manifestations, and it balances the mind-body-spirit. The stone also helps the adrenal, thyroid, throat, hips, lungs, and blood.


Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is known as the master healer. This stone helps the physical body heal itself from any form of pain or ailment. This crystal also improves the body’s energy flow, enhancing the circulatory system and drawing pain away from the body. In addition, clear quartz strengthens the aura and increases the healing properties of other crystals.



Aquamarine has a natural anti-inflammatory property that helps calm pain related to inflammatory conditions. Its soothing energy can even solve problems with your teeth aching issues or a body suffering from a cold or respiratory infection. Additionally, the stone soothes the nerves, helping the user better handle any pain they are experiencing.


Rose Quartz

This is a magnificent crystal for pain relief, particularly if you have emotional pain. Rose quartz has loving energy that brings peace to its user and helps to eliminate negative energy. This stone isClear Crystals ideal for reducing grief, sadness, and depression.

Furthermore, rose quartz improves the circulatory system, the female reproductive system, and the kidneys. In fact, it is helpful for issues associated with hormones and thyroid, and its anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe chronic pain and skin problems.



This stone is frequently referred to as the healer’s stone. It gives a profound and supportive healing energy that improves the relationship between the body and mind.

Kyanite balances and adjusts the chakras to support the throat, adrenal glands, muscles, and immune system. It additionally protects the aura from negative energy.


Crystals for Pain and Inflammation

These healing stones can provide support to improve various health pain issues. However, remember that they should not replace your actual medical treatment.

Still, the best way to avoid dental pain and inflammation is to visit your dentist regularly. On the other hand, regular medical checkups can help detect and treat the underlying cause of your pain-related symptoms.



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