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Breast asymmetry causes and treatment

Breast monitoring and frequent checkups are some of the crucial measures that every woman from the adolescent stage must give keen attention. Some of the common symptoms that can be monitored and detected with ease include breast asymmetry causes. The condition is characterized by one of the breast being bigger than the other in terms of shape and size. Some of the variations may be minimal and may not easily be detected unless through detailed screening. In some of the cases where the variation it too big, it, and medical attention is necessary.

Causes of breast asymmetry

Even though the condition is common in most women, few are able to tell on the difference and seek medical attention. The changes in size, position, volume, and form may have different cases especially in women and girls who are above the adolescent stage. Some of the causes have been linked to hormonal changes in women, trauma, and puberty; hence the effects of either of the causes may vary from one person to the other. Some of the breast asymmetries can be as a result of accident or injury where one of the breasts fails to develop as expected.

Changes may also be evident during ovulation when the breast may appear bigger, imbalanced and very sensitive. Even though juvenile hypertrophy isn’t very common, the condition may be experienced in a few women making one of the breasts to be extremely larger than the other. The condition can only be corrected through surgery which has a lot of health risk and may cause other physiological issues.

breast asymmetry causesBreast asymmetry treatment

The rebalance can be achieved through breast surgery when the effect is too much. During the surgery, the condition will be handled to increase the breast or reduce the larger one to make the match perfectly. Natural causes of breast asymmetry such as puberty and ovulation can be managed by the use of a balanced bra that will cancel the asymmetry nature.

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