before and after breast implants
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Before and after breast implants

Breast Implant is a surgical process to change the size of breasts. By this surgery, a woman can also restore breast volume or improve more rounded breast shape. In medical term, Breast implant referred to as Breast Augmentation. It’s a surgical process which takes one to two hours to complete the operation. Before going to Breast Implantation, you should have some basic knowledge about this prosthetic procedure and know tips for the recovery period after breast surgery.

What Can Breast implantation do?

What Breast implantation can’t do? 

Breast implantation surgery can’t lift dropping breast or sagging breast. Lifting requires a separate operation.

Types of Breast Implants:

At present, a prosthetic surgeon can perform two basic types of implant. They are:

  • Saline-filled implant
  • Silicone gel-filled implant

Consideration before Breasts implant

If you are thinking of breast implantation, you should know about the procedure. It’s a type of surgery that you need to think carefully about its pros and cons. Implantation cannot be done for a lifetime, a complication may occur, and there may be a chance to remove the implants. If they are not replaced, the breast may look more dropping and saggy. Please note you cannot breastfeed after the breast implantation surgery. Breast tissues and Milk glands are manipulated during this surgery.

before and after breast implantsAfter effects of breast implants:

It will take 7 to 8 weeks after the surgery and back to the normal life. It is advisable to avoid lifting heavy thing for at least 5-6 weeks after the implantation. Some swelling is normal in the incision area for two weeks. Breast implantation goes most of the time smoothly. It’s a surgical process some time complication may occur like redness of the skin in the breast area, unusual swelling and unbearable pain with burning sensation. If you notice any of these symptoms immediately call for medical help and contact the surgeon who performed the implantation.

Breast Augmentation or Breast Implant is very common nowadays, but it is very important to choose a certified surgeon as some risk and complications are involved in this beauty procedure.

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