What enters your mind when we discuss rhinoplasty recovery? Probably, money or painful recovery? A lot of people who would like to have a nose job are discouraged for the reason that it usually requires a lot of money and mainly because of the process of recovery. You would probably ask yourself, “how many days after a nose surgery can I play sports?” or “how many days until I recover fully?” Many would testify that it’s a long process and is an agonizing one. For those who really want to have a great slim and chiseled nose then, don’t be worried about the recovery process.

Here’re some tips to make the process of healing somewhat comfortable and faster.

This is the time to like the ice. An ice pack is going to be your newest best friend. It can help yourself on the swelling especially immediately after the surgery. Put it on the painful and swollen areas. This will facilitate in reducing the swelling and somehow reduces the pain that you might feel.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Next to the ice packs will be the power of gravity. Always maintain your head raised. Just like the ice, it can help reduce swelling. I know it’s the most convenient just to sleep given that you have a painful nose but if you want to recover faster, you must do this. You may always sleep when you want but simply elevate the head section of the bed or by placing a lot of pillows. In that way, you are able to rest and lower swelling at the same time.

It’s important that you do not take part in any strenuous activities, like sports. I’m sure it sounds weird that someone would eventually play football soon after surgery. However, others assume that if the swelling is reduced and healing is on the process, they’re able to resume their normal life. It’s recommended that you should rest your nose for a least a month. You do not want to ruin that nose, would you? Be patient enough to wait for the appropriate time and consider the money that you invested in that nose job. Don’t put it to waste.

If these tips are still inadequate for you to invest in a nose job, find a good doctor and spend some time to sit and talk about rhinoplasty recovery.