Quantum healing is the generic term for many methods that bring about a positive change over the higher consciousness. In origin, there are many ancient techniques in a modern guise. Quanta can be equated with light waves, and many spiritual traditions speak of the light of consciousness. The modern term “quantum healing” can, therefore, be associated with “light healing”. Contact us by visiting this website to know more.

Characteristic of the matrix or the quantum healing is that there is a change over the consciousness. The changeover consciousness can be achieved with the following variants.

1st variant: Via the heart field with the 2-point technique and intention.

This is the more active method that leads to awareness through various steps. Here the soul of the client implements the desired intentions. The 2-point method offers more action and is easier for many to learn in the first step.

2nd variant: Immersion in the presence

In which man becomes aware of the perception, a coherent field builds up. This coherent field is called the zero point field, and it changes the surrounding incoherent fields through the consciousness. This puts the body in a state of rest, and the self-healing powers are strongly activated.

At Matrix Live, we focus on Variant 1. It is easier to do in everyday life and accommodates the erratic nature of mind. That’s why variant 1 is easy to learn and can also be used in everyday life. Variation 2 is only suitable for a lot of meditation experience.

Quantum healingDuring the energy work, the user lets energy flow from person A to person B. In a matrix, the change happens at the source of all energy – consciousness. The energy at B is changed directly out of consciousness and not over the person A. Therefore, there is also a huge difference to the laying on of hands.

The superconsciousness transforms the subconscious. Spiritual writings speak of the light of consciousness. It is the light that exists in every soul and has high transformational power. Quanta correspond to particles of light moving through the universe at high speed. In spiritual writings such as the yoga sutras of Patanjali are also reported by such phenomena. In yoga, this is related to the mind of man.

The level of quantum is assigned to the superconscious – because it is beyond the mind and with the normal day consciousness imperceptible. Thoughts and feelings are part of the subconscious. An estimated 70% of all thoughts and feelings are destructive, not harmonious. Healing means that inharmonious is brought into harmony. By the coherence of the superconsciousness = quantum level thoughts and feelings can be harmonized.