Going to the dentist is one of the worst nightmares for a great part of the world population. The pain level as a result of a tooth extraction depends on these factors:
1.The extent of damage to the teeth that forced the extraction. If it is a routine procedure, the pain inflicted will be considerably less than if the tissues are very damaged.
2. The pain threshold of the patient. What means nothing to some, can be the worst experience to others. Your response to pain has much to do.

Sometimes we can avoid going through a tooth extraction by taking good care of our mouth health. You can visit this page  if you are having a destroyed tooth read about how to get pain relief after tooth extractionhttps://www.dentistryonsolent.com.au/norwest-dentist/ to read about good oral hygiene care. Some times even when one is brushing their teeth regularly they still get tooth problems cause by factors that relate to other health issues, poor saliva quality, inherited poor dental structure, accidents etc.


Tips for getting pain relief after tooth extraction

Having a tooth pulled out might be painful, but there is no need to keep suffering. Here you have some useful remedies to get pain to relieve after a tooth extraction.
1.Take painkillers as prescribed by your dentist. This is the easiest and fastest ways of saying goodbye to the pain. Avoid antibiotics unless your dentist prescribes them.
2.Use a numbing dental gel to reduce the feeling in your mouth and block the nerve signal of pain to get to your brain. This won’t make you heal faster but will allow you to stop suffering.
3.Apply an ice pack to your jaw. It will help reduce the inflammation and with it, the pain.
4.Make some tea and put the tea bags in your mouth. Tea has some anti-inflammatory properties that will help you reduce the inflammation and pain of your tooth.