Everyone loves that big, wide, white Hollywood smile. It’s probably from societal pressure, or the media, but everyone wants work done of their teeth or wants’ some form of change to their facial appearance. The only problem is the cost. Plus, if you don’t have straight teeth, the issue is worsened. Dentists are known to perform miracles with all kinds of crooked teeth problems. But what if you want to get naturally straight teeth? The use of braces is very common when fixing crooked teeth all around the world, but it is very uncomfortable, takes a lot of maintenance, and the worst part is the visual aspect of it all. Braces don’t really look good on you right?

If you want straight teeth but are afraid of dental treatment, there are some options. There are home remedies available as well to get naturally straight teeth, but they can worsen your troubles if not used correctly. People have even used dental floss to perform procedures. Tying teeth together to get the desired effect is an option, but it has many risks. So what is the best option to get naturally straight teeth? You can choose a product called Invisalign.invisalign This is virtually invisible. Made of plastic material, these can be put on your teeth like a mouth guard and carry on your life as usual. You will only need to take them off while having something to eat. These will fix your teeth slowly but surely. Another option that people use are dental veneers. These are possible if your teeth are not too crooked. Made of very thin porcelain, these are glued on to the front of your teeth giving them the straight look that you desire. These are properly matched with the color of your teeth so that it doesn’t look odd. You can also get bonded retainers. These are fixed to your teeth inside the moth. So people won’t even know you have something there to fix your teeth and you can carry on your daily activities just as normal. The good thing about bonded retainers is that they can also be used to fix the misaligned jaw. Some people have problems with their wisdom teeth. They can be crooked and out of shape. These can be straightened with a non invasive crowning by your orthodontist. It will also take just one sitting, and you will not even feel any pain.

Getting naturally straight teeth is not that difficult. Science, technology and the dental profession has come a long way. These are some of the best options you can have. Just make sure that you don’t try to do all the home remedies in trying to fix your teeth and always consult a professional before making any decision. To know more about this and orthodontics, just click on the link.