Time is taken to recover from dental implants, but the amount of time taken varies from one patient to another; some factors contribute to the healing process following a dental procedure. Since oral conditions are unique for each patient, then the time needed will also vary. If you’re getting digital dental implants the recovery might be faster. Take a look at some of the factors affecting the time taken for implant recovery.

1. The number of teeth implanted. A patient, for instance, who has received a single tooth implant, will likely have less recovery time as compared to the one who received multiple tooth implant. For a whole jaw implant, the recovery time may be considerably longer since the law bones will take more time to regenerate as compared to that of a single tooth socket. Your dentist will recommend the best medication to facilitate the recovery time.
2. The condition of the jaw bones. When the jaw bone is in good condition, that is there is no other infection; then the recovery time can be considerably low. For instance, a healthy jaw bone it can take three to five days, and you have a reasonable dental condition after the implant.
3. Bone grafting. Where bone grafting is necessary, then the recovery time can be longer than when not needed.


What to eat and drink to make tooth implant recovery faster?

dental implant recovery time

If a reasonable and straightforward procedure were performed, it would take you a few weeks or a month to resume your healthy diet. Meanwhile, you want to enhance the healing time, and thus you will have to receive specials means that will not affect your tooth condition. Proper nutrition, such as taking fruits and less sugar means, is encouraged to facilitate the record time. Soft food is also recommended to avoid damaging the implanted tooth. Smoking and taking alcohol can ruin the healing process, thus increasing the time taken to heal, therefore avoid them altogether.