Extraction of teeth to remove the tooth from the mouth is simply a simple process. Extraction is due to various reasons. Tooth decay, which kills almost the entire structure of the tooth, is a frequent reference to the tooth extraction. The teeth are removed from teeth or affected teeth, as well as permanent teeth are removed to make room for this Orthodontic treatment.


Extraction type

Therapeutic extraction is classified as surgery or simple surgery. Surgical extraction usually involves the removal of teeth that are not easily accessible or can not be used for surgery, either because they do not completely blast or they break down under the gum line Are there. In the process of extraction of surgical teeth, the dentist can lift or lift soft tissue covering bones and teeth and can remove the surrounding bone tissue using the drill. This process involves dividing the teeth into several pieces to remove the teeth. A simple extraction is another type of withdrawal, usually on the teeth that can be readily accessible and seen, and only requires the necessary equipment to increase the visual part of the age, and is usually done under the influence of local anesthesia. is. In this process, using the lift, it is usually using the forceps teeth, shaking teeth and making an outlet from its original location to remove it completely enough to extend the alveolar bone until it is completely removed. For the bond gums to break the age was to increase the age at the same time.

tooth extraction painDental Cures – Remedies

After successfully removing the tooth, it is normal to make a clot in the socket. Rarely, this clot can be removed which leads to dry inflammation or osteoarthritis. This occurs and is not uncommon, and due to the lack of blood supply from the related item in the upper jaw, it is completed after the removal of the infrared aorta. There are some factors that add to the extent of smoking, birth control, age, and surgery to age, time and tooth that has been done by surgery and various other factors to remove the period of extraction as their development. For, are there. Usually, the alveolar bone increases the drying or drying process and causes inflammation of burning sensation and the problems cannot be controlled with pain medication. so it is not normal to have tooth extraction pain after 7 days