how to get rid of toothache at night
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How to get rid of a toothache at night

Toothaches can be very much nagging especially if they play a part in depriving one of a good night’s sleep. It becomes necessary to fight off the pain in whichever way possible and by all the means at one’s disposal. Knowing how to get rid of a toothache at night can really help one stay comfortable till morning or at least till they can see a dentist. Click on this link to know tips on getting rid of a toothache.

Below are some remedies that one can apply to get rid of a toothache during night hours;

  • Use of Hot packs

The pain can be reduced by applying a hot pack to the side of the jaw. One can easily improvise and hot pack by putting a hot substance in a polythene paper then tying it up. This reduces the discomfort caused by toothaches.

  • Using peppermint Tea Bags

These are believed to have numbing properties that can significantly reduce pain although their effects don’t last.

  • Sleeping with your head raised

One can also try sleeping with your head raised. This is whereby one uses pillows to raise the head. This reduces blood flow to the upper parts of the body, so that blood pressure doesn’t impact extra pressure on the sensitive areas.

  • how to get rid of toothache at nightOver the counter medication

One can get rid of toothache pain by ingesting over the counter painkiller tablets. However, this only works if you had some painkillers I store before the situation got to pain.

  • Use salt water

Rinse the mouth with salty water. This helps sore and infected gums by killing the bacteria and easing on the pain felt in the affected area.

  • Clove oil

It can also help. Apply clove oil soaked in a cotton ball over the painful tooth. This is effective especially if tooth pain is coming from cavities. However, this might not be effective if the tooth with pain has no cavities.

  • Brush and rinse the teeth with cold water.

This helps clean the teeth hence removing trapped dirt and food particles that may be responsible for causing the pain. This only works to a small extent in cases where the food or dirt particles are inducing pressure on nerve endings.

  • Use of ice packs

Applying a block of ice or icepack on the side of your painful jaw helps numb the area to an extend hence numbing off the pain arising from the area.

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