Health is defined as physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and not merely absence of disease. This is closely related to holistic family medicine which is a type of treatment that takes into consideration the whole individual- physical, emotional and spiritual factors- in pursuit of good health. Holistic medicine philosophy emphasizes the fact that one can attain optimal health- the primary aim of holistic family medicine – by striking a correct balance in life. Holistic medicine doctors believe that an individual is made up different parts or systems which are interdependent. Before and After using alternative treatment, one example is for breast cancer. In this way, if one the system is not functioning properly, it affects all the other parts. This, therefore, has overall negative impact on the overall health of a person.

Holistic Family Medicine does not solely depend on conventional treatment method but uses other alternatives holistic family medicine like acupuncture and herbal medicine. It’s devoted to helping you realize your desires and goals by
offering optimum health. Both children and adults benefit from Holistic Family Medicine. Initial treatments last around 90 minutes while subsequent treatments take approximately 50-60 minutes.

A good example of holistic medicine approach is when one presents shoulder pain and stomach upset or right pain and left knee pain hip. Both of the cases might be related to one another. The stomach upset might be radiating to the shoulder likewise to right hip pain. The holistic medicine practitioner will examine the individual
presenting with the above cases in a holistic manner. The history and the current situation of the person will be probed carefully and in detail. The life of the person in school, home, work place and spiritual beliefs of the
person will be investigated. This way the holistic medicine practitioner will be in a position to arrive at conclusive diagnosis. Therefore, not only symptomatic treatment will be offered but also the underlying condition will be

Holistic Family Medicine (HFM) believe in the integration of East and the West medicine to achieve best health outcomes. Both of them complement each other’s strength to the advantage of the client. Apart from acupuncture
and herbal medicine, other alternative treatment methods used in HFM include massage, chiropractic care, naturopathy and homeopathy. Patient education on lifestyle modification, self-care activities, counselling, western medications and surgical procedures are also among the treatment methods used in Home Family medicine.

Some of the principles of holistic medicine are the following:

  • Every individual has intrinsic healing powers.
  • The client or patient is human, not a disease.

Treatment demands mitigating the cause of the disease, not just treating the symptoms

  • Healing requires team approach among the health care providers and the patient, and it should address all dimensions of an individual’s health.

Holistic Family Medicine is the way to go. It will be taking over the health sector in the near future.