Dental implants are a fundamental procedure in the 21st-century dental work as they are necessary to hold up every single type of reconstructive, restorative or cosmetic work that ranges from dentures, bone augmentation, and even dental braces to name a few. As a matter fact, people even go overseas in order to afford them. Bali is just one of the countries’s that’s quite popular for it, but should you go to Bali for your implant surgery? Do your homework first before coming with a decision. Any type of medical operation in the mouth will have it’s short term consequences and problems for the patient as it will affect what they can eat and what activities such as sports they can get involved in.

There is no set recovery time that will apply to all dental implant patients. But there are numerous ways that you can help the dental implant healing process and give your body the best possible chance of a quick recovery. Here are a few guidelines to help aid your dental implant healing.

Foods You Can’t Eat:

  • Do not eat crunchy foods such as crisps
  • Do not eat food that requires a lot of chewing such as meat and obviously avoid chewing gum
  • Do not eat nuts or other hard food.
  • Do not eat food and meals that are hot, wait for them to cool down before you eat them.
  • Do not eat spicy food as that can irritate any wounds you may have in your mouth
  • Do not smoke cigarettes while waiting for your dental implants to heal
  • Do not drink alcohol

Foods You Can Eat:

  • You can eat all types of foods that do not require chewing such as soups but make sure they are not too hot or spicy
  •  Hummus is soft food that is very high in healthy fats and vitamins. dental implant healing
  • Ice creams are also a delicious food that is also cold so it can help ease any pain you are experiencing in your mouth. However, make sure there are no hard bits such as nuts or chocolate pieces in your ice cream so you don’t hurt your mouth.
  • Bananas are one of the few fruits that you can eat while recovering as it is very soft
  • Aged avocado is also another fruit that you can eat, just make sure that it has had enough time to go soft.
  • Yogurts, milk, cottage cheese are some of the milk products that are great for you to eat while waiting for your dental implants to heal.
  • Juices and smoothies are also highly recommended as they are full of vitamins and nutrients.

Things Not To Do:

  • While you are waiting for your dental implants to heal you should not be involved in any physical sports or activities such as Football, Tennis and especially not fighting sports such as Boxing and also Rugby or American Football.
  •  Do not sleep on the side where your new dental implants are located at least for a few days. It is recommended to just sleep on your back to avoid any issues altogether.
  • Try to do as little chewing as possible to allow your wounds to quickly and effectively heal.
  • Do not brush your teeth as you would usually do it, instead you can do it more gently in order not to irritate your new dental implants.


The average duration for dental implant healing is 2 weeks, but after at least 1 week you will be able to feel a significant improvement and should be able to do most activities and eat most food that you regularly eat. It will definitely be a challenge and uncomfortable at times however in the long term it will be worth it as you will prevent any further complications and infections.