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Broken tooth repair

Breaking a tooth is a common thing that happens to most people. Although enamel that usually covers your tooth is hard, it has some limits. A tooth may break when you fall, receive a heavy blow on the face or perhaps biting something hard which can cause tooth pain. Tooth breaking in such scenarios happens if your tooth has some decay already. If you realize you have a chipped or broken tooth, don’t worry.

There are a variety of options that your dentist can take to fix it. 

Dental filling and bonding

If you have broken just a small extent of your tooth, the dentist can repair it by filling. He may use some hard porcelain materials to replace the chipped part. If it is your front tooth that needs a repair, it is fixed by bonding. Bonding is a procedure whereby a dentist first etches the tooth surface with a gel or liquid to ensure bonding materials fit it well.

Dental crown

If the whole tip of your tooth is broken or you have a lot of decay, a dentist can grind away the remaining part and cover the tooth with a crown. A crown is meant to protect the tooth and enhance its appearance.

broken tooth repairDental veneer

If your front tooth is broken, you can use dental veneer to make the tooth look healthy and whole again. A dental veneer is a thick and thin shell of resin composite materials or tooth-colored porcelain that covers the entire broken tooth.

Root canal therapy

Your tooth can have big breakage, exposing the pulp which contains vessels and nerves. Your tooth hurts, becomes sensitive to heat, changes color, and the pulp is damaged, or its tissues die. Root canal therapy is performed to remove dead pulp, clean root canal and later seal it.

Tooth breaking should not panic you. There are many broken tooth repair techniques that can be taken to fix it. You just need to see your dentist for further guidelines and treatment.

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