If you undergo surgery, it’s important to know the type of nutrition you need to follow so that your recovery is much faster. It’s important that you feed yourself with the best supplements for healing after surgery. A facelift, among the surgical operations, is not the same thing as an abdominoplasty or breast reconstruction with its procedure and healing process. Visit https://www.drcosmeticsurgerybrisbane.com.au/ website to learn more about cosmetic surgery.

Effects of diet:

  • Accelerates the wound healing process
  • It reduces the chance of suffering postoperative complications
  • Regenerate the blood loss during surgery
  • Repair the skin, blood vessels and any other tissue effectively
  • It gives you energy

Drinks you can take.

best supplements for healing after surgeryHydrating properly is essential to enjoy good health. The water will help you to eliminate all impurities generated during the surgery easily. It will also help you stabilize your metabolism and avoid tiredness. But the most important thing is that, with proper hydration, you will reduce the pain of your joints and the healing process will be much faster.

If you notice a bit of tiredness, you can also ingest isotonic drinks that will help you reintroduce the minerals. Natural fruit juices can be a fantastic option after an operation because, in addition to hydrating you, they bring extra vitamins and minerals. On the contrary, it’s better to avoid coffee, carbonated drinks with sugar and alcohol.

Fruits and vegetables to consume after surgery

If in the daily diet it’s essential to consume fruits and vegetables, after you have undergone surgery, their consumption is even more important.

  • Vitamin A

Foods rich in vitamin A help you better, promote tissue formation, and also stimulate your immune system. Vegetables with green leaves are very rich in vitamin A, such as lettuce, escarole, and spinach. Oranges, melon, papaya, and mango are few of the fruits that contain large amounts of this vitamin.

  • Vitamin C

After an operation, it’s essential to have the body’s defenses in good shape, so we advise you to consume foods rich in vitamin C. In addition, the vitamin promotes the formation of collagen and is antioxidant, factors that affect the regeneration and maintenance of tissues. You can find large amounts of vitamin C in foods such as citrus fruits, red fruits or vegetables with dark green leaves.

  • Iron

Iron consumption is essential after an operation. The iron intervenes in the formation of red blood cells, and for this, you need to consume clams, mussels, liver, and eggs.

  • Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that helps strengthen the immune system, also intervenes in the healing process because it synthesizes proteins and contributes to cell growth. For this, it’s advisable to consume foods rich in zinc such as mollusks, almond, and mushrooms.

  • Protein and fiber

Proteins and fibers are essential to get back from an operation. Fiber facilitates digestive processes and prevents constipation. Fruits and vegetables are very rich in fiber, but you must also consume whole grains.